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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

Q: How many speeds do the Mobo Mobito, Shift, Triton, & Triton Pro have?


A: Single speed.



Q: How fast can I go on Mobo cruisers?


A: Because Mobo cruisers have one speed, you can go as fast as your legs can pedal.



Q: Which Mobo would fit me best?


A: This depends on your weight, height, size, and color preference. Please check the Mobo product pages for information on the specifications of each Mobo cruiser.



Q: How do you steer a Mobo?


A: Mobo cruisers have a rear steering mechanism with steering levers at your side.



Q: Where is the chain?


A: Mobo cruisers do not have a chains.



Q: Can my special needs child ride Mobo cruisers?


A: Maybe. To enjoy a Mobo safely, each rider needs a certain amount of hand/eye coordination and leg and arm strength.



Q: Will my grandmother be able to ride a Mobo?


A: Mobo cruisers are excellent for seniors who meet the minimum physical requirements to ride the Mobo safely.



Q: Will I be able to transport my Mobo?


A: That depends on what you are using as the transport. Always adjust your frame to the first hole to make it space efficient during transportation.



Q: I would like to put my backpack onto my Mobo when I ride. How can I do that?


A: A backpack will attach easily to the recumbent seat of your Mobo or you can purchase a basket for the Triton & Triton Pro models from our accessories page. Make sure your backpack is installed safely to avoid accidents.



Q: Why is my Mobo too short for my legs?


A: Adjust the extendable steel frame.



Q: Where can I get accessories for the cruisers?


A: Asa Products carries a line of special accessories, including helmets, bottle holders, special light up LED pedals, fluid bottles, T-shirts, pedal straps, etc. You may view our accessories here:



Q: Does the front wheel free spin?


A: Yes.



Safety Questions


Q: What type of surface should I NOT ride on?


A: You should not ride on surfaces that are not flat, dry and smooth. Never ride over jumps or off curbs. Mobo Cruisers are not designed for this type of use.



Q: Can I ride Mobo cruisers on the streets?


A: Mobo cruisers should not be ridden in areas where cars or other moving vehicles may be.


Q: Will I tip over when I ride a Mobo?


A: While making a sharp turn, travel at a slower speed to avoid tipping over.



Q: Mobo cruisers are low to the ground. Will cars be able to see me?


A: Always ride with the safety flag attached.



Q: Do I have to wear a helmet when I ride my Mobo?


A: It is suggested that Mobo riders always wear a helmet when riding. Check the laws that apply to safety helmets in your area, as a helmet may be required by law.



Parts and Assembly Questions


Q: Do Mobo cruisers require assembly? If so, how hard is it and how much time will it take?


A: Mobo cruisers do require assembly. They comes with an easy to use manual that includes step-by-step instructions. Full-color pictures are also included. Assembly instruction videos are also available at



Q: What can I do if I need help with assembly?


A: Contact our Customer Care Department and a representative will help you. Assembly instruction videos are available here


Q: My tires got worn out, what did I do wrong?


A: Mobo Cruisers are not designed to ride on gravel, sand, grass, slick or wet surfaces. In addition, never ride over jumps or off curbs.  In addition, please avoid making sharp turns and spins on the Cruiser.

 Q: Why are the wheels on Mobo cruisers angled a certain way?
A: For improved steering mechanism and to avoid the Cruiser from tipping over.

Q: The tires deflate when I ride. What do I do?


A: Make sure there is enough air pressure in the tires. Make sure the tire valve is tight.



Q: The brakes are too loose/tight. How can I fix this?


A: There are several ways: by the hand lever and by the brake caliper. Call our Customer Care Department and a representative will be happy to assist you. You can also take your Mobo cruiser to a local bike repair shop.



Q: My pedal keeps falling off. What can I do?


A: Call our Customer Care Department and a representative will be happy to assist you.



Q: Where is the brake lever located?


A: The brake lever is located on the right handlebar, but can also be installed on the left handlebar of any Mobo cruiser.



Q: How do I know I am not over-pumping the tires?


A: Measure the tire pressure and follow the tire pressure requirements noted on the tires.



Q: The brake cable drags under my Mobo. How can I fix that?


A: All Mobo cruisers have a cable leveler located at the bottom of the bike. Make sure your cable runs between the leveler. This will stop your cable from dragging.



Q: How do I find replacement parts?


A: Contact our Customer Care Department to order replacement parts. You can email us at or call our toll free number: 877-869-6451



Q: What are the benefits of the warranty?


A: The 30 day warranty means that if there is any manufacturer’s defect, the defective part will be replaced free of charge.



Q: What do I do if I have questions about service, assembly or making orders for Mobo brand products?


A: Customer service is open 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday.  For a fast response, you can call our toll free number: 877-869-6451 or email can be sent to



Shipping Questions

Q: How do I track my order?

A: Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email confirmation with the details of your purchase. Within 2-4 business days, you will receive a second email confirming that your order has been shipped. Tracking information will also be included in that follow up email, which will allow easy tracking of your package. For questions about tracking, please contact us and include your name and order number. For UPS shipments (tracking numbers that begin with "1Z"), call (800) 742-5877 or visit to track your order.

Q: How do I cancel my order?

A: If you wish to cancel your order prior to delivery, please contact us. Orders cancelled after they have been shipped will incur a restocking fee of 15% and the buyer will be responsible for all shipping charge incurred.

Returns Questions

Q: How do I return my order?

A: Please read the applicable return policy carefully before purchasing items.

Q: What if my order arrives damaged?

A: Mobo brand products are well packaged to withstand damage during shipping. If an item looks damaged or parts are missing, please notify Asa as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to provide necessary replacement parts as quickly as possible at no additional cost. If you decide you do not want parts or a replacement unit, the item can be returned according to the return policy. If your item has a manufacturer defect, defective parts can be replaced. If you encounter any type of quality issue, please contact Asa and we will make every effort to resolve the issue.



Q: I would like a refund. How can I do that?


A: Your Mobo cruiser comes with a 7 day return policy and the product must be returned in the original box. If opened, a 15% re-stocking fee will apply.


Q: Do you have a Holiday Return Policy?


A: Returns will be accepted for products purchased in December as long as the Return is authorized by December 31st.


Questions Regarding Asa Products, Inc.

Q: How can I contact Asa Products, Inc.?

A: Click Here for our company info.

Q: How can I stay updated on news about the Mobo brand?


A: Subscribe to our blog, You can also be added to our mailing list by registering at

Q: With a Doctors recommendation, can this product be covered using a medical insurance?


A: No, but with a Doctors recommendation this product is Tax Deductible



Q: What is the Mobo Fan Club?


A: You can gain many benefits and rewards by joining the Mobo fan club. Find Mobo on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter by following the appropriate link on the left hand side of our home page.



Q: How can I become a Mobo dealer?


A: Please Contact us at (626) 855-0900 or for more information.



Q: Is Asa Products open during the Holidays?


A: We are closed on New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.  We also have shortened workdays on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

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